Simon at GSoC 2013: Streamline handling of various resources

This years Google Summer of Code in KDE is under the theme “polishing existing things”. For Simon this is the perfect opportunity to polish some interface kinks.

The current Simon interface is follows a quite technical approach: Install scenarios, then match an acoustic model to it. Want to add a word? Better install a matching shadow dictionary or g2p model first.
All this makes perfect sense when one knows what happens internally, but this is rarely the case for end users.

Instead, a streamlined, user-centric resource management process could remove much confusing from setting up Simon: For example, the system could automatically detect the system language and ask the user to set up a basic system for that language. It could automatically track compatibility between different components and resolve problems automatically. Simon could even ask to install scenarios based on installed applications automatically.

If you want to work on Simons interface as part of this years Google Summer of Code, please get in touch on the mailing list:

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Peter Grasch