Simone, meet OVI and BlackBerry World

I’m proud to announce that the initial versions of Simone for the Nokia N9 and Simone for the BlackBerry PlayBook are now both available in their respective app store.


With Simone you can use the stellar audio hardware in your mobile devices as a microphone for your existing Simon installation. Both apps support push to talk as well as automatic voice activity detection.


As a small gimmick, the N9 app also has some basic voice commands built in. This was mainly included to show off the recognition without requiring users to first configure anything else and works by making Simone connect to a public Simond server per default. Samples, that are anonymously collected from users of the public server will be used to improve the recognition accuracy of free speech models (privacy policy).

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Peter Grasch


  1. Simon+Nepomuk
    Didn’t you think to integrate Simon with Nepomuk and make something like Siri? It would be great and Plasma Active could be a nice place to test it.

    • Yes, I’ve been thinking about something like that for a while now. However, a Siri-like agent requires a very good, large vocabulary speech model to be efficient. This is still something that FLOSS speech recognition doesn’t really have.

      I’ll actually be giving a talk about the situation and what I think we can do about at this years Akademy: https://conf.kde.org/en/Akademy2013/public/events/16

      • Cool
        Hope I can see the video of the presentation after is done, wish you the best!

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