Simon Gets a New Homepage

These days, it’s rather hard to point someone interested in Simon to a website as most of the information is strewn across different sites of the KDE infrastructure. Especially for people outside of KDE, it’s very hard to find e.g. the forum or the bug tracker.

With that in mind, I want to announce simon.kde.org, the new home for all things Simon.

It’s a small landing page that gives users a short overview of the project and collects all the various resources on a single, easily sharable, website.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

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Peter Grasch


  1. Nice page 🙂
    I like the look of it, nice and clean, but not boring. The only possible improvement I currently see:
    There are users who prefer navigating a website by menus, and there are others who prefer navigating through links in the content itself. The current page supports the first grup very well, but the second group not so much. For those users it would be helpful if the landing page contained some overview text with links to the other areas.

    • Thank you, coming from a usability expert, this is especially nice to hear!
      I added some more cross references in the individual pages, hopefully this improves the user experience.

      The page is missing a screenshot / videos page so far, I’ll try to add this soon.

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